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Dr. Barrie Trower on EMF Use on Civilians, Police, Military & Politicians

John Smith
Columbus, OH

Jul 23, 2012 — I would like for you all to hear this recent interview with Dr. Barrie Tower. Dr Barrie Towers Talks with victims in an interview conducted in his home, victims of Non-Consensual Microwave and EMF Experimentation and Testing'.

Dr. Barrie Trower, a researcher, scientist and developer of (EMF) Electromagnetic Frequency and Direct Energy weapons, speaks on the use of these weapons on U.S. civilians in present day for all sorts of reasons. He speaks of the illness, diseases and deaths that are being caused as contractors who care less about the injuries they are causing. What was surprising was that the greater of those targeted were listed as politicians for blackmail; our police, our fire departments and our military, and radio tower placement in communities.

If you are unable to access by the link search by the 'topic' title.

Barrie Trower Talks with Victims of Non-Consensual Microwave and EMF Experimentation and Testing


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