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John Smith
Columbus, OH

May 1, 2012 — History to present day: In 1997, then U.S. Senator John Glenn attempted to outlaw all Non-Consensual Human Experimentation (including classified research). In introducing S.193 (105th Congress), the proposed "Human Research Subject Protections Act of 1997", Senator Glenn: spoke of "some serious gaps in our legal system" [Congressional Record, Jan. 22, 1997, p. S645]; and stated that "Under current rule, and executive order, it is possible to waive informed consent and IRB [institutional review board] review for [U.S.] classified [human] research." [p. S648]. Although S.193 was not passed and expired, 4 of its 5 co-Sponsors, Senators Kennedy, Lieberman, Inouye, and Akaka, are still in the U.S. Senate. Legislation to solve this problem must be Re-Introduced! With President Clinton's Policy Change delayed, and no protective laws yet made by President Obama; innocent 'unwitting' citizens and military personnel are being unethically harmed everyday and our most basic human rights violated.


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