Cancellation of the current semesters uniformly across all universities and colleges

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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak , the whole country has suffered immensely. So has the education system and the students . School education can still adjust the time lost during the rest of the year but when we talk about colleges the semester system doesn’t give us a lot of time to manage the time and classes lost . 

There is no point in conducting the examinations for this semester as the online classes aren’t as effective and a lot of students are not able to take part in these classes due to reasons like poor network , lack of required equipments and unavailability of stationery objects required to make the assignment That have been given to the students . 

If the exams still take place that will be a mere formality with the core objective of these examinations not fulfilled . So we the college students request the government of India and the respective state governments to cancel the current semester and an additional full semester be resumed post this pandemic that is going on . In this way no one will be affected as it will be uniform for all colleges and universities of the country. It will just add another 6 months to our courses but will save the soul objective of our education system.