Remove the CalTPA as a requirement for teachers in current educational programs

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Current California university students enrolled in educational programs earning their bachelor and/or teaching credential are currently required to complete a certain amount of hours of student teaching as well as the CalTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) Cycles 1 & 2. A majority of us have completed Cycle 1, however, due to the rapid and drastic changes to schools and education that Covid-19 has placed on students, we are unable to complete the number of hours and unable to complete TPA Cycle 2. Currently, the CTC (Commission on Teacher Credentialing) has not waived any part of the requirements for currently enrolled students. They are stating that we have 3 options in completing the requirements to become credentialed teachers. Option 1: complete our student teaching and TPA Cycle 2 in the Spring 2020 Quarter. Option 2: complete our student teaching in the Spring 2020 Quarter but complete TPA Cycle 2 in Fall 2020 while we are employed as teachers under a Variable Term Waiver. Option 3: complete our student teaching and TPA Cycle 2 in Fall 2020 while employed as teachers. A majority of the students will have to go with Option 3 either because the elementary and secondary schools do not have online teaching capability or we are unable to access the teaching materials needed. Therefore, we will have to re-enroll in 2 classes in Fall 2020, complete our student teaching, and complete TPA Cycle 2 all while being first-year teachers. The CalTPA is only in it's 2nd year of being a requirement; it requires teachers to teach 3-5 lessons, tape those lessons, take 5-minute clips from the lessons and complete reflections and documentation with explanations. We are asking the CTC to WAIVE the CalTPA Cycle 2 for us students ready to become employed teachers. We have already taken the burden of being unemployed for 6 months to a year, and as first-year teachers, we will already be overwhelmed and stressed. The Covid-19 situation is nothing we could have prevented and we feel we are being punished for it.