Reinstate Mo as Library Security at WSU Parramatta South

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Mohammad Youssef - Mo, is one of the best staff members I have ever met at Western Sydney University. Whenever I or my friends are in the library, he's always come up and had a quick chat with us, asked how we were doing, and always put a smile on our face. As students we all know that university life is stressful and upsetting, and having a staff member there who made you feel safe and boosted your mood and morale, is simply invaluable. I have learned that security terminated him because they believed he wasn't completely complying with his role as Library Security. In reality, he's been going above and beyond. I have never met a SINGLE student who had a bad word to say about Mo, but every student I know said that Mo was simply excellent, and on many occasions made their day.


I am starting this petition in the hope that Mo gets reinstated, and that his cause for termination is properly investigated, because so far all that's happened is the University has ridden itself of one of it's best. 


Please stand with me and share this, so that Mo can continue to make students (both current and future) feel safe at Uni, and make them feel like they're more than just their student numbers. We stand with you Mo, what has happened isn't fair.