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Mental Health Days for College Students

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College is stressful, there is no way around it. With so much pressure to set yourself apart from all the other undergraduate and graduate students, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by school, jobs, extracurricular activities, and the every day problems life throws at you. It can often be overwhelming, and create intense feelings of anxiety and worry. These negative emotions often affect students performances in the classroom. It is hard to engage and focus in class, when you have 3 tests, 4 papers, and 2 projects due that very same week. This stress/anxiety, accompanied by the realities of growing up and developing yourself as a young adult, can take a major toll on the mental well being of college students. Often times it is difficult to cope, and deal with these challenges in an efficient and productive way when there is always so much going on. This leads to further deteriorating mental health, as well as lower confidence and self esteem down the line. This is the opposite of what young adults need as they are developing themselves. This is why I am calling for at least one day in the heart of each semester, dedicated to the mental health and well being of students. A day where there will be no classes held, school websites (BBLearn, Canvas, etc.) will be disabled, and no events or meetings will be scheduled. One day in the middle of the semester where we don't have to stress out about school, and will be able to relax and recharge. People can argue that this is what weekends are for, but most of that precious weekend time is spent working, studying, and catching up on homework! It is my vision to create a full day where we can think about something other than school, for the sake of our mental health. We have all had those times where we have stretched ourselves so thin, that we feel like we are mentally breaking down. I do not want that to be a continuing trend in the lives of college students like it has been for so long. College is a wonderful time, and we need our minds to be healthy in order to enjoy and take advantage of this chapter to the fullest. 

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