Free Period Products for University of York Students

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Free The Flow is a student based volunteer group at the University of York. We aim to tackle period poverty, promote better understanding around issues of menstruation and positivity to end the stigma around periods in society.

We are currently in the process of trying to lobby the university to provide free period products across campus to all students. We see this as absolutely essential in decreasing period poverty, absenteeism, and it is part of the universities duty to better the wellbeing of students. 

Following a survey we sent out to all UoY students, we learnt that 11.6% of menstruators have had to go without period products due to lack of money and a shocking 41.7% of menstruators have had to miss university due to their period. Furthermore, 98.5% of students believe that the university should provide period products as their commitment to student wellbeing. This clearly demonstrates the need for the university to adapt to better the wellbeing of their students. 

Menstrators should have the right to have access to products regardless of their gender identity and socioeconomic status. Signing this petition will highlight to the university that this is something students want and feel is part of the university's commitment to our wellbeing. 

We are calling for your help in holding UOY accountable for providing these products!