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To stop torturing cats with their cruel experiments

We as Americans need  to speak up for these cats that can not speak for themselves. One tabby cat has died at hands of the University of Wisconsin due to them screwing a steel post to her skull so that they could immobilize her head and planted electrical devices deep inside her ears. They allowed her massive, bloody head wound to become severely infected, and they then starved her for days at a time so that she would cooperate with them in exchange for a morsel of food to eat. Finally, calling the experiment a failure, they killed and decapitated her. This is one cat too many and we should not stand by quietly and continue to let these evil scientists at the University of Wisconsin to kill more cats and get a way with it. I am asking you follow Americans sign this petition to let University of Wisconsin know enough is enough with these horrible experiments on cats and they need to stop this abuse on these cats IMMEDIATELY!!!

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