Make the University of Windsor restore the old SIS system!

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The University of Windsor has just changed the way students apply for classes 4 days before an estimated 15,000 students apply for classes. The new Uwinsite features a completely new user interface, new course codes and features which don't even work. The original website even featured blatant security problems like the personal SIN number of the given student being displayed on their profile. (As of November 26th 2018 at 11pm it has been removed)

By signing this petition we are asking the University of Windsor to restore the old site and launch the new site at the beginning of the Winter 2018 semester. 

This will ensure both the University of Windsor and it's students are able to work at their own leisure to make the transition into a completely new registration program without undue hardship. The students will have 3 months to explore the new site and report any bugs to the University. While the University has 3 months to work on those bugs to assure that when it's 15,000 students apply for classes they are able to.