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University of Washington in Tacoma: Accommodate to students with severe food allergies

I have a friend who attends this school whom suffers from a deadly peanut allergy. Recently, the school agreed to accommodate to her needs, as this allergy's severity is listed as a disability, and the Disability Support Services is required to take action. However, as of this quarter, the library began to allow food inside without any regulations or accommodations. Because of this, my friend lost her safe place to study on campus. She can no longer access printers, computers, or spacious areas for group projects without having to worry about a peanut allergy reaction.
When the library agreed to reinstate the No-Food rule, the school's chancellor took away her accommodations, stating that she was a liability to the school. All of the signs on classroom doors that read "Peanut-Free Classroom" were removed, and the library began welcoming food again.
As a result, my friend had to drop all of her Spring Quarter classes and has to repay the school for her financial aid for the quarter, because she was no longer safe on campus.
No one should have to be denied an education because of a disability they can't control having. Please, help us tell the University of Washington in Tacoma to accommodate to this severe allergy that many students fall victim to.

Below is a link to her blog explaining the situation from her own point of view:

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