Scale all grades by one grade for all courses

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This petition is calling Waikato University to increase the grading scale of the overall grades of students throughout the period of assessments that have taken place during the lockdown. This petition arises for the purpose of requesting Waikato University to follow the footsteps of Auckland University which have already implemented this, in order to lessen the impact of lockdown and fully online learning to students. The following bullet points emphasize the need for this action.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many students have struggled to adapt to an online learning environment, for example, students with poor WiFi connectivity in rural areas of New Zealand. This would have resulted in a negative impact on a students abilities to achieve grades they would in an on-campus environment.

Furthermore, due to the lockdown, many tutorials have been cancelled which has also led to the inability of students to gain full marks due to the lack of being able to ask questions.

In conclusion, this change would help students to counteract the disadvantages and disruptions caused in learning through fully online learning this year and would provide motivation for students to return to complete their study this year.