Suspend UVA Non-Compliant IFC and ISC Organizations Until the End of the Semester

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As of 2/16/2021 the University has gone into a  minimum 10 day lockdown due to a spike in COVID-19 cases. These measures put strict restrictions on on-grounds residents, closed recreational facilities and libraries, and limited gathering size to zero.As students, we respect the desire to keep us healthy however are disappointed with the lack of accountability for IFC and ISC organizations who are largely responsible for this increase in cases yet do not face the consequences for their actions.

We are all aware the the numbers increased with rush and that non-compliant activities occurred both on and off grounds. These organizations were not following the already lenient exceptions they had to increase the gathering size from what all students were expected to follow. Many had parties both at their houses and other places further off grounds, many of which did not include masks. These organizations are a clear and present danger to the students and faculty of the University and the greater Charlottesville-Albemarle area and need to be reprimanded as such. Not only are the spreading the virus to those who did comply with the rules, they are also insulting the reputation of this great University through their careless actions. If they cannot play by the rules than they shouldn't be allowed to play at all. This was not a slip up, these were intentional actions that took nobody else in the community into consideration. If they already failed to follow COVID restrictions, than it should be in the best interests of the University to suspend all activities of these non-compliant organizations for the remainder of the spring semester to prevent further infections. 

COVID is not going anywhere anytime soon so extending this suspension to the end of the semester will ensure increased safety of students. These organizations should not be operational if they cannot do so following COVID restrictions like so many other CIOs and organizations on grounds. We hope this suspension will give these organizations time to reflect on their actions and restructure in a manner that can keep their members and our community safe.


EDIT: In light of the email sent at 1:27pm to Students at UVA on 2/18/21, it is clear that an investigation be done by a third party to look into the impact of Rush and Bid Day events of all houses to determine who was not compliant and reprimand those specific houses. This is a public health issue.