Shut Down UVIC and Keep Students Safe

Shut Down UVIC and Keep Students Safe

March 11, 2020
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University of Victoria
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Started by Alexia Nicole Benn

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has now spread to over 120,000 people around the globe and has caused over 4300 deaths. The WHO has declared a pandemic this morning. There are almost 100 cases in Canada, almost 40 in BC. There have been confirmed cases on Vancouver Island.

Although there are currently no reported cases within the University of Victoria faculty and students, it is impossible to know the extent of the threat. The virus may lay dormant in the body for two weeks or even more before symptoms emerge. It has now been confirmed the virus can stay alive up to three days on contaminated plastic and metal. Given the high volume of students who rely on public transportation, attending classrooms, studying in the library, and eating in common areas will inevitably increase rates of exposure.

Once the virus spreads it may have many unforeseen consequences. As students, we place great priority on our academics. However, current circumstances must be addressed. By continuing to ask students to come to school we are increasing the risk of not only being exposed to the disease but exposing our family members, our coworkers, our partners, and other loved ones. 

We are asking Jamie Cassels, the president of UVIC, to take the initiative and close the campus in an effort to stop the spread of this virus and preemptively protect us.

In order to prevent the outbreak at UVIC in advance, we need to take the situation seriously. We can take initiative and utilize technology to conduct remote learning strategies in order to keep our education AND public safety as a top priority. 

We already know the risks COVID-19 poses to the public. Particularly those who suffer from chronic respiratory disease, the immunocompromised, or the elderly. We must act now to keep students, their families, and the community safe.

If we wait until there is a case at the University of Victoria, it will be too late.


This petition made change with 8,176 supporters!

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