Educate University of Vermont Students on Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is a grave human rights violation - yet it's happening right in our neighborhoods and cities. Sex trafficking is mistaken as "forced prostitution" or sex work, and people around the world are forced to work as slaves for companies like Apple and Zara. The sale of humans is the third most profitable global market - even here in the small city of Burlington, Vermont, instances of sex and labor trafficking are constantly being reported.

In Spring 2016, the University of Vermont's College of Education and Social Services offered a class called "The Trafficking of Human Beings" only to never offer it again, to the complaints of many students in the College of Education & Social Services. Three students who took the class even formed the UVM Human Trafficking Activism and Awareness Club (HTAAC) as a response to the atrocities they learned about. 

Let's bring this class back! Even just offering this class once a year will make a difference in peoples' lives and impact students' future career paths. This class might save lives one day, and the Burlington community needs to learn about human trafficking to better understand the world we are a part of!