No Confidence in the Leadership of University of Vermont President Suresh Garimella

I am signing again just to voice my objection to the "business" approach to higher education. Efficiency, cutting, getting more for less out of faculty, relying on part-time, underpaid faculty who have no voice in anything has been the approach beginning back in the 1980s. Education is public good and a public necessity. The Walmart, "just-in-time, as-needed only, approach does not support research or programs.
It takes years to build a program and continuity among the faculty.
This world we live in requires an understanding of foreign languages, cultures and religions. It requires that we understand history, our own and that of other countries. Our society is becoming narrow and ignorant which makes out country weak.
The Board of Trustees must take action and fire this President.
The Board of Trustees must take an honest look at the finances and determine what really matters and is valued. This continued destruction of UVM is on the Board. UVM's future is with the Board.

Mary Lou Isaacson, E. Craftsbury, VT, United States
9 months ago
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