Give University of Utah Housing Student Leader's Their Demands for Safety

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Amidst the global pandemic, many things have changed. While we agree that HRE has made efforts to protect the safety and security of our residents, we believe that Resident Advisor's (RA) and Social Justice Advocate's (SJA) in particular have been put into very vulnerable positions. Despite the exposure that many of us have had to hundreds of students- we have not been provided adequate PPE, we are not being provided another COVID-19 test, and we aren't being told the case counts on campus. We feel that the way we are currently being treated by administration is unacceptable and jeopardizing our safety. We feel that we deserve to know that we have housing security, proper protective gear and sanitation supplies, the ability of opting out of doing things which make us feel unsafe... etc. We deserve empathy. 

We are demanding:

  • Frequent testing provided for all student leaders
    • SL’s should be tested once move-in concludes
      Hazard pay for student leaders who have tested positive for COVID-19
  • Breakdown of COVID-19 testing on campus reported daily
    More PPE provided for student leaders 
    • This includes…
      • Gloves in every duty bag
        Face shields 
      • Sanitation supplies for every student leader
  • Guarantee that resident directors and graduate assistants will not be overburdened with additional work as a result of our demands
  • Direct regular communication with administration about COVID-19 related updates before they are sent out to the public
  • Rescind the requirement for SL’s to attend “Promote and Go's” in person
  • Evaluate and maintain the contractual 20 hour work week commitment for SL's
  • Written statement saying that there will be no retaliation against SL’s due to actions regarding their safety during COVID-19
  • Full transparency of the contractual requirement “duties as assigned” in relation to COVID-19 duties
    • The entire HRE staff should be given the ability to opt out of doing meal delivery for COVID-19 positive residents if concerned for their safety 
  • Written support of housing security for student leaders in the event that campus shuts down

We are insisting that Barb Remsburg, Executive Director of Housing & Residential Education, and Lori McDonald, Vice President of Student Affairs, meet our demands that we have asked for the health and safety of not only ourselves, but our communities as well. If our needs remain unacknowledged and unmet over the next 5 days, we are prepared to take further action.

More than 100 RA's and SJA's (approximately 95% of our entire staff) have signed in support of these demands and the majority do not feel safe on campus in their positions. We deserve better, we deserve empathy.

Please help us demand that our needs be met by signing this petition.