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University of Utah Administration: Establish a Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Center

We are petitioning the University of Utah to open and operate a year-round, 24-hour Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Center (SVPRC) on campus.  A University of Utah SVPRC will more effectively deliver University Policy 1-012 by streamlining the goals of the college and focusing on improved education, counseling, peer support, and reporting of sexual violence.

Sexual assault is the most common violent crime on U.S. college campuses today. Often, sexual violence is never reported, and some survivors end up leaving school due to a lack of necessary services and support. Many colleges also lack zero tolerance policies toward sexual violence which can lead to repeat offenses, hostility, and fear on campus.

Zero tolerance for sexual violence begins with a strong, inclusive presence on campus dedicated to educating our community and eliminating violence toward all students.  That presence should be the University of Utah Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Center.

Thank you for your support!

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