Let Chemi remain as Student Union Presidential Candidate

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As we all know, there are some issues happening regarding campus elections at UTSC. We believe Presidential Candidate Chemi Lhamo is qualified to be the president for two reasons. 

1) She is currently VP equity of UTSC and the school has only seen improvements in the past year, but no issues. Chemi has never been biased towards any person of any race or gender. Her team, Shine Bright UTSC has a group of diverse people, only showing her acceptance to diversity.

2) Any groups she is in outside of school should not interfere with her activities in school. She has the right to freely express her beliefs and no one is allowed to be the judge of that. Chemi has never said anything to target other students or their beliefs. In addition, she does not deserve all those hateful comments about her nature or character on social media. People are accusing her without any basis and that is extremely wrong. 

In conclusion, we believe Chemi is qualified to be a presidential candidate, she has done a wonderful job as VP equity till now and no one has felt insecure on campus. Let's imagine how much more she can accomplish as President.