Address the issues with the IDSB06 Final Exam

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Being in a course that discusses equity and justice, we believe it’s fair to argue how inequitable and unjust the format of the exam is. We have been instructed to write two essays over the course of two and a half hours, and to utilize a total of 21 readings from the semester (13 per essay) without being permitted notes or the actual articles. Every missed reading from our essays result in a two point deduction from the total 35 points. Our professor has explained that there is a ten point maximum deduction concerning the readings, but also warned us that missed readings will impact the overall quality assessment of our essays (resulting in points being removed elsewhere). We were originally told in class that the format would include the option of choosing one of the two essay prompts to write about and answer various multiple choice questions. However, when our professor uploaded the final exam preparation document, we were shocked to find out that our choice had been removed and several articles had been added to the already lengthy list of works to refer to in our essays. Marking students on their ability to read and include 20 scholarly articles (that average to 20 pages each) as well as a 240 page novel, without providing the works, is ludicrous and frankly unrealistic. Actual scholars that write essays with these many sources are not expected to memorize quotes and arguments to use in their writing, so how is it just and equitable to ask that of a class made up of predominantly first and second year students?