Change the weight of the CHMA11 Final Exam

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CHMA11 Final Exam for the 2019 winter session ended with an examination that most students found extremely unfair. One of the main complaints was the lack of clarity in the communication that the assistant professor, Ruby Sullan expressed with her students. Professor Sullan did not specify what formulas would be provided, it was merely stated as "the complicated ones" yet, she included extremely simple equations in it along with equations that had no use whatsoever. 

The inclusion of a choice "F" also troubled a number of students. The issue was that the scantron sheet only included answer bubbles A - E. Thus using another choice only increases the level of skepticism during such a stressful examination. 

The students who have signed this petition are asking the Registrar's office and professor Ruby Sullan to please make a fair decision about the grades. By shifting the weight of the final exam that is worth 40% with the midterm, laboratory, and Mastering Chemistry grades or taking out questions that were affected by lack of necessary information of the formula sheet that was provided by Professor Sullan. By making a fair decision, the students will have a better chance of achieving a fair, overall mark.