Revoke U of T social equity award given to prejudiced recipient.

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DISCLAIMER: The below-stated comments are on the behalf of University of Toronto students only, and in no way reflect the opinions of the UTSU or the New College Residence Council.

The University of has awarded the David Rayside Undergraduate Scholarship in the name of promoting and advocating for minorities to a student who stands AGAINST social equity and diversity, and has repeatedly made racist, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic remarks on social media platforms and within university meetings.

Previous statements made on Twitter include "Social justice is a bad idea",  "Illegal immigrants support organized crime. . . Deport them.", and a variety of other claims including those SUPPORTING victim blaming and cultural appropriation, and DENOUNCING Black Lives Matter and abortion rights for women.  Other statements include mention of homosexuality being unnatural.  These statements are in DIRECT VIOLATION of the terms of the prize, which strives for “enhanced inclusion of historically marginalized populations”. This student has gone out of his way to exclude and alienate such populations, and made statement after statement against them. 

This blatant disregard for award recipients' ideologies is a dangerous precedent to set.  We, as students, have the duty to uphold our departments to a fair distribution of scholarship money to worthy recipients, and must come together to ensure that those limited funds make it into the hands of those who have paved the way in support of students of all backgrounds, and TRUE equity for a diverse student body.  

Now, more than ever, we must fight for students involved in activism.  They are the ones who truly deserve to benefit from such funds as a testament to their hard work.  We must create a safe space for students like to learn, grow, and leave these prejudices behind so they may one day be deserving of scholarships like this one, rather than rewarding ignorance at the sacrifice of others who have fought hard for the benefit of students of every race, sexuality, gender, and ethnicity.

We call on the PoliSci Awards Department to reconsider what they are supporting by giving  this award and instead look at more worthy recipients who have done far more for the student community, and for the University of Toronto as a whole.