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On August 31st 2018, University of Toronto Scarborough's Professor Abbas Attarwala curved the final marks of CSCB07 (CSC207 equivalent) down by a factor of 0.9. This meant that in order to secure a 4.0 [85%] in the course a student must have had a 94.4% final mark.

Additionally, Abbas Attarwala designated a mark scheme for all assignments as follows:

"For every error in your assignment, you shall be deducted one grade range. Therefore, one mistake will result in A+ -> A, and three mistakes will result in A+ -> B+."

"Letter grades will be converted into percentages using the lowest percentage of the letter range, therefore an A+ will result in the student achieving 90% for the assignment"

Abbas Attarwala capped the assignment grades at a total of 90%, with the addition of harsh rubric grading schemes.

We the students of UTSC feel that this is unfair to adjust the grades in this manner. We feel that the assignments, tests, and exams should have been more difficult to naturally adjust the grades. This adjustment method gives no opportunity to prove one's capability in Software Design.

With the combination of the Assignment Cap and Final mark Curve, it is IMPOSSIBLE to attain an A+ in CSCB07 [as one needed 100 prior to the 0.9* adjustment and the assignment cap prevented the ability to attain 100]. Furthermore, in order to achieve an A, near perfection is required.

We ask that the University of Toronto reverse the grade deduction and the assignment cap, or provide fairness in any possible way. 

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