Decrease the non-sense increased international tuition for online courses in U of T!

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Up to now, the international students' tuition fee has increased from $ 5037 to $5289 per credit for this summer. The only change, however, is that the lectures are changed from face-to-face to online lecturing. Along with even less benefit of lecturing and less income source, we do not want this kind of increase happens to us.

We are not calling to decrease the tuition fee largely. We understand that U of T is also experiencing decreasing funds and facing financing problem. We need to work together to go through this crisis. But what we want to do is to minimalize the economic burden for the international students given the outbreak of the COVID-19 in the world. Lots of work positions vanished and some of our family income decreased as well. The increase in our tuition fee, as usual, but not usual, does make sense under this circumstance.

Given less income support and worse education environment, we really hope U of T could reconsider the tuition fee and make some adjustment.

Thanks everyone for taking the consideration!