Removal of the N+2 rule

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The management of Wits University is on the verge of implementing an exclusion rule that can have dire consequences on both current and future students.

The "N+2 rule", as they call it, stipulates that students only have N+2 years to finish a degree. Any longer than that means exclusion without a hearing. For clarity, N=the nominal amount of time to complete a degree. For example, a degree that is 4 years long gives a student a maximum of 6 years (4+2) to graduate otherwise they are excluded.

This rule will only serve to harm students as it does not consider WHY a student is taking longer than expected to graduate. Reasons can vary from family issues, all the way to systemic issues in the academic curriculum itself.

We call upon management of the University to revoke this rule effective immediately as it serves absolutely no purpose in fulfilling the mandate of any higher learning institution - to educate the masses and create a strong working force that can drive the country forward.