Let all students fully benefit from their degree by recording lectures

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Max Guiton
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The University of the West of England (UWE) does not offer every student the ability to make use of lecture capture, which involves the recording of lectures for students to access at a later date. Research by the University of Aberdeen found that students perceive having access to recordings as enhancing their experience and providing a flexible resource to aid their studies, deal with competing demands, and reduce anxiety (Nordmann & Mcgeorge, 2018).

Although lecture capture is available at UWE, it is not current university policy to make it available to all students, and many students miss out because departments choose not to use it. Lecture capture allows students to look back over what was said and revisit aspects we had difficulty understanding, it helps us to revise, and allows people who were unable to attend to catch up with what they missed.

Please let UWE know that our education should come first and lecture capture should be made available throughout the university.

o  A survey by UCISA in 2018 concluded that 75% of Higher Education Institutions had lecture capture availability (https://bit.ly/2HFZOTX So why are UWE students missing out?

o  Students should not be denied the best education available because of choices made by the university, which discriminate against a variety of people

Who suffers from the lack of availability of lecture capture?

o  All students suffer since it is hard to focus on what exactly a lecturer is saying, especially when two lectures follow each other. Particular groups who may miss out on a regular basis include single parents, carers, disabled students, those with mental health problems, people on medication which makes them drowsy, carers.

o  A student may be absent due to illness. In addition, the maintenance loan is not enough to cover all living costs, so students are expected to get a job on the side to make ends meet. Working hours often result in unavoidable absences.


Arguments against lecture capture include:

o  The emotive issue that recordings will be used against staff's permission- however, policies are put in place by universities to ensure that recordings can not be used for other purposes. 

o    A decline in attendance – Research by the University of Aberdeen stresses that there is little systematic evidence that this happens (Nordmann & Mcgeorge, 2018).


o  The pros include: 

o  Students can benefit from these recordings during revision

o  Students can look back at what was said, to fully understand the lecture

o  It is hard to take in every word during a lecture, it allows students to go back hear the things they missed

o  Allows a diverse range of people to participate fully in their degree

o  Allows students to interact properly with verbal and physical communication - an audio clip is not easy to follow, specifically for those on strong medication and/or pain issues

Nobody should be denied the education they deserve and are paying thousands of pounds a term for. I am making this petition on behalf of all UWE students, particularly those who would benefit most from lecture capture and are suffering in silence. Let's send a message to UWE that they must do more to accommodate the needs of a diverse range of students. 



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