Atleast a 15 min increase in the allotted exam time for FOUN1301

Atleast a 15 min increase in the allotted exam time for FOUN1301

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Ronessa Harriott started this petition to University of the West Indies Exam Board and

In the mid semester we were given 45 minute to do a 40 multiple choices questions where the questions are scenarios and having to apply the knowledge to the scenario. The issue with the exam time was brought up before the exam which the course representative spoke on and was told that the issue would be communicated to the lectures, however the final exam time is 65mins for 60 questions  shows that that is not the case. 

The email sent:

Good day,

I'm ***** the law, governance, economy, and society course rep. I'm concerned about the allotted exam time and what the student liaison is actually doing. We have one hour to complete 60 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and while they are multiple-choice questions, they aren't easy 1,2,3 questions where you read and immediately come up with an answer. The course, as well as the test, which accounts for 60% of the overall grade, is very much a case for critical thinking and knowledge application. The time allotted is absolutely ridiculous, and frankly, we are not a part of any circus, but it sure appears to be one where I bring up issues and nothing changes, and frankly, I'm still failing. As a result, my next question is, what is the point of a student liaison if nothing is done? When I brought this up at the first meeting, you said, "believe me, we are listening to you, and we are here for you..." (you should be a politician), and this shows that nothing is happening for me and my peers, and I am not going to sit back and let the incompetence and attenuation of the student liaison prevent me and my peers from receiving proper results. This test is literally a ruse for our demise, and I'm not sure how this is still happening after all of the problems with the first 40 questions and 40 minutes. It is also my opinion that there is a lack of need to change this stigma with inconsiderate lectures; if all of the students (hundreds) end up doing this course over, it is honestly the fault of the professors as well as the student liaison because I have done many things to ensure and secure prosperous grades for my peers but this is me transferring it (a problem I alone cannot fix) to you; you have several days remaining to effectively assist us otherwise I see no help for us in passing this exam.

The reply:

Ms. *****,



I have received communication containing a prior email sent by you to Mr.***** regarding issues relating to the final exam for FOUN1301. Let me be clear, the language used and tone of your email was beyond rude and disrespectful. That sort of communication is not condoned or tolerated at the UWI, especially when communicating with academic staff. In fact, I expect a written apology to Mr. ***** to which I should be copied. If this isn't provided I will be sure to write to the Principal and Registrar about your behaviour and I most definitely expect disciplinary action. 



On a separate note, your email has several inconsistencies and it shows that you are not knowledgeable of roles and procedures here at UWI.  Firstly, the student liaison role is to communicate student issues with faculty members(lecturers/tutors/administrators) and when this communication takes place it does equate to the student(s) getting their request. 



Secondly, the final exam time is 65 minutes and this time is the normal time given to students to complete a 60 MCQ examination. In fact, the normal time for an exam with that amount of questions is 60 minutes. On that point, I find it strange that you of all people would be complaining about the time when you took 33 minutes to do your mid-semester exam when you were given 45 minutes. Based on this, one would think you would not be complaining about the time. If it is that you're "representing" your colleagues, I would question the validity of such an issue because, as the course coordinator, I am yet to receive communication from any student pertaining to this issue.



Thirdly, but continuing on the matter of time. I should point out that information on the time allotted for the examination was given in the course outline and it would seem that you and other students have not read that document. 


Finally, your assertion that lecturers set out to fail students-yourself included- is an erroneous claim that has no merit.  You need to take accountability for your performance in this course and instead of writing that email your time would have been better spent on preparing for your exam. 

*Note that the pass mark for the course I 50% and majority barely made it and the with the same complaint about the time and the job of a course  representative is to be the voice of the students*

The course contains over 200 students 




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