Require Healthy Snack Vending Machines in Every Building On Campus

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Going into college many students are warned of the notorious “Freshman 15,” and many of my peers, including myself, have experienced it to some degree or another. We are told that if we choose the healthier options at our dining hall and exercise regularly, we should be fine. However, no one advised me on what to do if I cannot set aside 30 minutes for lunch, miss dinner hours altogether, or find my stomach rumbling at midnight in the library.

We as busy college students have limited options when it comes to eating at those alternative hours, and often, we are forced to turn to unhealthy vending machines or fast food restaurants as a solution. I believe that if we can address this campus-wide problem with our student government and make vending machines with truly healthy options like unsalted nuts, tuna and crackers, or even hummus and pretzels accessible in most on-campus buildings, it would be much easier for us to maintain our health and sustain the energy necessary to focus on our schoolwork.