More Left Handed Desks at UT

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Ten percent of the population is left handed. I am among that ten percent. In 3 out of my 4 classes, there are zero left handed desks. I, along with my fellow left handers are forced to sit at right handed desks and position ourselves in uncomfortable positions to be able to take notes. I feel this is greatly unfair to us left handers and that at a university as large and academically focused as UT, left handers should be considered in the classroom. Since 10 percent of the population is left handed, it would only make sense that 10 percent of desks should be left handed. I've done my research, and in my one class that has left handed desks, only 5% of the desks are left handed. This is just unacceptable. If you are left handed, or have a heart at all and care about your left handed classmates, I hope you will sign my petition and encourage UT to not forget about the left handed minority.