More CS Classes offered

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A big issue I have had during registration periods with Computer Science classes is that there are not enough classes for all of the students to take. Especially given the major requirements of taking at least 8 other upper-division CS electives, this means that a lot of students need at least 2 classes, and sometimes that's not possible per semester. I've heard stories of senior students having to stay 1 or even 2 extra semesters to reach this requirement simply because they couldn't grab enough CS courses per semester to graduate on time. On a more minor note, but still relevant, this also means it's harder for students interested in taking a certain elective to get into that class, as maybe other students less interested simply just take the class because they're trying to pass the requirements to graduate.

Therefore, I'd like to petition for a change to have more classes offered. Whether this is simply by getting more professors to teach more subjects or even opening up Honors courses earlier so students know sooner that it's an option, I believe something has to be done to help students reach their major requirements set forth by the College of Natural Sciences. It's unfair to students to have to stay longer at college than they need to in order to reach these requirements.