No Guest Policy = No Love

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I know that there is a global pandemic and believe that it is an imminent danger to the students and faculty of UT Tyler, but the no guest policy is not effective in the fight against the virus and the policy is intrinsically detrimental to the mental and physical welfare of students. What the policy does is penalize students for having the audacity to be with their loved ones and close friends. Other Universities have been able to take into account the dangers of COVID-19, while ensuring students mental health so why won't UT Tyler? Why is it okay for classes, events, and dining areas to be open for lots of people to gather, but not having the one person you love most in this world to sit next to you in your home? The policy should change to at least just a 1 guest per resident so that people can feel safe in their home without being scared that their home will be taken away from them by a draconian policy. If the University cares about students developing mental illnesses or committing suicide out of the extreme isolation that this policy inflicts they will repeal it immediately.