Keep UTRGV safe from Coronavirus

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Despite the danger of Coronavirus, the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley is still planning on having classes after spring break. Almost 30,000 students attend UTRGV and go on vacation during the break. It is in everyone's best interest to stay safe and home. Students, professors, counselors, and other staff from the university are at risk. Additionally, South Padre Island is a popular spot for people all over Texas. Students in the RGV are in close proximity and make contact with people all over the state. We have seen how our sister schools, such as UTSA and UT-Tyler have extended spring break for the sake of everyone's health. We urge the staff at UTRGV to move classes to an online environment. This way, the safety of students is respected and courses can continue without any interruptions. 

We ask UTRGV to move classes to an online environment for two weeks (the incubation period for the Coronavirus, according to the CDC) following spring break. We encourage UTRGV to listen to their students's and staff's needs.