Give most UT-Arlington students the choice to go fully online for the Fall-2020 semester.

Give most UT-Arlington students the choice to go fully online for the Fall-2020 semester.

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Started by Cristobal Trujillo

Since the pandemic started, incompetent and politicized national and state leadership have allowed COVID-19 infection rates to continue to grow. As of July 2nd, almost four-months after the first mandatory lockdowns in our region, we face a new reality: this pathogen is here to stay.

Knowing how contagious this virus has proved to be, coupled with the political pressure that prevent our state from fully locking down once again in order to contain the spread, it is uncertain at this time whether our region be below the acceptable levels in a a little over a month and a half.

In fact, we could consider ourselves greatly blessed if we find that by then we are only slightly above the rates that all but forced us to violently transition to an all-online semester this spring.

Therefore, we hereby ask that our beloved university:

  • Be forward-thinking and actively expect the eventuality of an all-online fall semester.
  • We shall accomplish this by greatly expanding the Fully Online: Option 1 and Option 2 class offerings, as outlined by the Office of the Registrar.
  • It is critical that most majors that do not necessitate the immediate physical presence of staff and students are offered these options. Concessions can be made, as it would appear very difficult to teach a glassblowing or engineering class fully online.

If these options do not sound very compelling, we kindly invite all relevant decision makers to try to walk through the College of Business or University Center during any given day during the fall semester. Noon is a perfect time. Doing so will quickly dispel any notion or hope of any possible implementation of social-distancing measures.

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169 have signed. Let’s get to 200!