An End to Affirmative Action

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Affirmative action was established in the early 1960's to ensure minorities equal opportunities for employment. This policy quickly spread to US Colleges and Universities by the 1970’s in an effort to give minorities an equal opportunity at attaining higher education. Four decades later this has become an issue in which underqualified students are being admitted to America's top higher education institutions because of their race. This has led to these less qualified students struggling as is exemplified by the fact that African American law school graduates are four times more likely to fail their bar exams and six times more likely to fail than their Asian classmates ( In addition before California passed its race-blind admission procedures for state-funded colleges minority students struggled mightily. At UC San Deigo in 1997, just one African American student had above a 3.5 GPA. Today almost twenty years after instituting the race-blind policy nearly 20 percent of African American students were on the honor roll at UC San Deigo (The DailySignal 1). This is a result of students attending universities that more properly fit their academic profile rather than being admitted to a school because they fit into a demographic. 

In an effort to ensure that the most qualified students are admitted into the best colleges the federal government needs to eliminate Affirmative action policies in higher education. Every American deserves equal opportunity and no one race should be given opportunities they do not deserve because of the color of their skin. 

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