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If we are not using campus facilities, why pay such a huge amount of money?

This petition is on the behalf of every student of UTS, domestic or international.

Amidst this Corona Virus outbreak, it is a stressful time for all of us. Students across the world have never been more vulnerable in terms of their attainment in qualifications. As most of our classes have moved online, we demand decreased fees. The university students are already going through social isolation and this is something that can compensate. Most of us go to university for the experience of University life, making friends, socializing. It is devastating for us that we can not do this anymore. This is severely going to impact our mental health as well as our grades.

The university fees are so high with no guarantee students will be able to pay them back and for sure get a job right after graduating. The economic condition is already unstable at this time and we do not know when will it get better. We request the government and UTS to enforce this action to help us in this devastating time!