Remove all AI Invigilated exams from end of semester assessments for UTS students

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With university courses now taking place online due to Covid-19 Restrictions, everyone involved are required to adapt to the new world. Educators needed to adapt their teaching to an unfamiliar formate, and students need to adapt to the new style of learning. Our studies and learning have been significantly disrupted as a result of Covid-19, forcing us into less learning-friendly medium, and for the most part assessment tasks have reflected as much. However for selected subjects student are required to complete AI invigilated exams, which are highly intrusive and require you to essentially hand over control of your computer to a complete stranger. This is an invasion of our privacy and presents a security risk for our information.

As the student body, we need to stand firm together in opposition to surrendering our right to privacy for the sake of a "cheat-proof exam". This semester has had a lot of disruption and the end of semester assessment should reflect as much. As the UTS student community we must demand that the delivered format of these AI invigilated be changed, most preferably to a take home exam. If we don't, we surrender our right to privacy.

Sign this petition and together we can help bring about positive change for university students and defend our right to privacy.