Demand for fair treatment and freedom of speech for ALL UTS students

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August 15th was a sad day because UTS mainland students were treated unfairly by the school security team and supervisors.


In the evening of August 14th, a group of Chinese students expressed their views on the school's newly updated Lennon wall, in exactly the same way as the HongKong students did last time, but their posters were destroyed by security guards just the next morning, which he claimed was based on the authority of the University of Technology Sydney. The rules were not stated when students posted them last night, and they were given permission by security guards that night. The policy was abruptly changed after the supervisor saw the Lennon wall. We did not get any paperwork or email notification during this process. And the posters that mainland students painstakingly produced without any inappropriate remarks were ruthlessly destroyed without any respect.


Also, at 8.30 am on August 15th, before the poster was torn down, a 'Support One China' comment was taken down by a supervisor claiming to cause hatred. But the words "Free HongKong" had never been torn down before. The mainland students had shown full respect for their freedom of speech. But they didn't be treated as same as HongKong students.  Can I please ask why are students on both sides treated so differently when they express themselves?  Especially in this country which is free to express and share opinions. What's more, there is only one China in the world, which is an objective fact recognized by the United Nations.

此外,8月15日上午8:30,在这幅海报被拆除之前,一名总管声称学生们贴的“Support one China'的字符会引起仇恨,便撕下来了。但“Free HongKong”一词却从未被撕下过。内地学生已经对他们的言论自由表达了充分的尊重。但是他们没有得到同样的对待。我想问一下,为什么双方的学生在表达自己的观点时,会受到如此不同的对待?y尤其是在这个可以自由分享和发表自己意见的国家。同时世界上只有一个中国,这是联合国承认的客观事实。

In addition, on August 12th, a Chinese student told a security supervisor that a message was posted on the wall saying that 'Go back to your China'.The remark made her feel discriminated against. But the supervisor said it's part of free speech. Then the student repeatedly asked if this represented the school's point of view, the supervisor said it was agreed by the school. Fortunately, she finally found another friendly supervisor and he helped her remove it from the wall.


On behalf of all students from Chinese background, our freedom of speech has clearly been violated by the double standards applied by some people in UTS. As if we are not entitled to express their view here, or we have less rights within the university. We seek a logical explanation for this obvious act of discrimination in favour of one side and we expect a clarification on how does this act promote democracy?


At the same time, we have the following appeals. Firstly, we want those staffs who are involved to be punished. Secondly, we hope that the rules of the Lennon wall can be improved, and what kind of information can't be pasted, we hope there will be detailed rules and not just human judgment. Thirdly, we hope the school can make a public apology to Lennon wall for this unfair incident. We sincerely hope that UTS is not only a university full of democracy but also full of equality, respect and love. We believe this is what Lennon wall wanted to see, to give everyone the right to express their opinions fairly.