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Family, friends, lecturers and employers of a University of Tasmania student, past, present and future. Your support in signing this petition in support of a policy to have placement details (including allocations and rosters) released 1 month prior to the start of placement will be greatly appreciated. Below are some dot points on current facts and reasons why this policy will be beneficial. Please understand that things like this take time but if enough people stand and make their voice heard then things can change.

  • Majority of students have to wait until the first day of placement to receive their placement roster. Unlike other courses, health science students (Medicine, Nursing, Paramedicine etc.) work shift work during their placement making it impossible for them to predict when they are going to be working.
  • Students that rely on an income from a paid employment source cannot give their employer sufficient notice of the shifts that they require off. This results in the student losing shifts as the employer doesn't have time to work shifts around the students placement roster.
  • Majority of students hold casual employment and are not entitled to holiday pay from their casual employment jobs while on placement. They still however require an income while on placement to pay for life expenses.
  • Having the placement roster released 1 month prior to the commencement of placement will result in students being able to give employers sufficient notice to the shifts that they require off. It will also give the employer an opportunity to work shifts around the student placement roster in order for the student to earn money while still on placement.
  • Many students have commitments, other then employment, outside of University. Having the placement roster released 1 month prior to the commencement of placement will result in them being able to request a shift swap with another student on there ward or arrange alternative options.
  • Student that are parents and have dependant children will benefit from a placement roster that is released 1 month prior to the commencement of placement as they will be able to arrange child care or alternative options for there child(ren).
  • Many students juggle commitments with there partners and other family members. Examples can include work, transport and looking after children. Having a month to arrange and organise alternative options before starting placement will be beneficial for many students and a huge stress reliever.  
  • A policy from the University of Tasmania regarding having the placement roster released 1 month prior to the commencement of placement will benefit most student and their families in one way or another. It maybe as simple a decreasing the stress on the student that is already stressed enough from the content load from their course.
  • During the month leading up to placements and after the allocations and rosters have been released, students should be given the opportunity to swap shifts within their placement groups (only applicable to certain placements. For example; Nursing placements)
  • For this to happen the University of Tasmania, along with placement facilities and the facilitators will need to ensure that they work together to finalise details for every placement so that students can be informed of their allocations and rosters 1 month prior to their placement commencement. It is understandable that from time to time due to circumstances outside of everyone's control that allocations have to be changed, however, last minute changes only affect a small percentage of allocations and not the whole group as a whole.