University of Sydney's Head of Security accused of discrimination in landmark case

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Spence fails to take action on Hardman

In an email to co-chairs of the Pride Network, Vice-Chancellor Spence has stated:

"You may be aware of the recent ruling involving the University’s Head of Campus Security, Simon Hardman. I understand that this may be a distressing time for some staff and students. However, I want to assure you that the University takes this matter very seriously and will carefully consider the conclusions of the ruling. As you know, this matter occurred before Mr Hardman joined the University."

Vice-Chancellor Spence is not taking adequate action in response to the ruling made on Hardman. This comes in the wake of over 150+ signatories calling for his resignation, accompanied with horrifying stories from ex-staff on being forced to patrol the Carslaw bathrooms for homosexual activity, and other homophobic activity, which you can find within the comments section of the petition, and read about further  here:

For further action, please spread this petition as far as you can. Spence will be receiving updates for each milestone the petition hits, as we demand the University of Sydney say no to homophobia and transphobia on our campus and create campus security that we can actually trust to call upon in times of need. 

Queer Action Collective - University of Sydney
2 years ago