Reconsider location of The Hold (Ipswich, Suffolk)

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Construction work on The Hold is due to start - this will be the new centre for the Suffolk Record Office, scheduled to open in 2019.

Whilst it can be argued that a new centre for archives in Suffolk would be beneficial for the University of Suffolk (who will use it as research and teaching space), and I do not object to the premise of a new archive centre in Ipswich, I wrote this petition today over the proposed location of it.

It is proposed that The Hold will be built in the current car park adjacent to the Atrium and Waterfront buildings at the University of Suffolk. Though it does not cover the car park, the new building would significantly reduce the number of parking spaces, something the university does not have a lot of. Moreover, this is doubly significant due to the number of students and staff who make daily commutes to the university.

The purpose of this petition is to ask the University of Suffolk to reconsider where it places The Hold.

In the spirit of constructive criticism, I would like to propose a possible solution to this. Currently, there are unused buildings and spaces across Ipswich which can be used, rather than compromising valuable parking space. A notable example is the old council building on St Helen's Street. Currently a derelict eyesore, this would be good venue, as it has office space, archives and a courtroom a good size for an auditorium.

Thank you for taking the time to read this petition - any other suggestions for other suitable locations for The Hold would be greatly appreciated.