Stirling University - End the culture of sexual violence

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There is a considerable problem with sexual violence at the University of Stirling, which the university management have failed to address for too long now. This petition will call on the University to scrap their failing #IsThisOk campaign and rebuild an entirely new campaign against the culture of sexual violence which harms students both on and off campus. 

The amount of students who have experienced sexual violence in their time at Stirling University is huge, and this has been highlighted in recent days following the creation of the Stirling Survivors Instagram page, who received 17 anonymous submissions overnight after their inception. This violence happened in bars, clubs, flats, campus accommodation. The list goes on. This must end now. 

Help us to end the culture which allows this to continue by signing this petition and showing the University of Stirling management that enough is enough. 

We must reclaim our campus, reclaim this city, and reclaim Stirling!