The University of St Andrews must begin the construction of the Kenly Wind Farm

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Catherine Bentley
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The Kenly Wind Farm is a university-led project that aims to build wind turbines on the University Farm at Kenly (a few kilometers outside of St Andrews). Powering the University, this wind farm would:
1) Produce enough green energy to save 19,000 tonnes of carbon per year.
2) Create sustainable jobs in the area.
3) Make the University of St Andrews energetically self-sufficient. 

While plans for the wind farm were approved in 2013, the Ministry of Defence has been unwilling to negotiate and allow construction to begin.

Since the planning permission runs out in March of 2020, we call on the university and Ministry of Defence to re-open the project and promptly start the construction. Let us not waste this unique opportunity to combat climate change whilst invigorating the Fife economy. 

According to the IPCC, we all have a responsibility to significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2030 to limit global warming to 1.5°C. The Kenly Wind Farm could be one of the many steps we need in order to achieve global carbon neutrality. In an age when the Amazon is being burned, indigenous communities flooded, and biodiversity under ever-increasing threat, we need to do everything we can to at least minimize the impacts of a global climate catastrophe - starting in our own little corner of Fife.

The University of St Andrews has the financial and political means to see a project as bold as the Kenly Wind Farm through. If we act now, we can create an unprecedented push towards a sustainable future. 

We, the undersigned, call on the University of St Andrews and Ministry of Defence to reenter negotiations to allow  the construction of the Kenly Wind Farm.