Re-instate USC Marshall Professor Greg Patton

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1,900 signatures and the Dean's response

Thank you all so much for signing and sharing this petition! In a little less than 24 hours, we have reached nearly 1,900 signatures, representing both USC community members and the concerned public.

I've recently received an email from Dean Geoff Garrett addressed to the MBA Class of 2021. In it he says:

Professor Greg Patton repeated several times a Chinese word that sounds very similar to a vile racial slur in English. Understandably, this caused great pain and upset among students, and for that I am deeply sorry. It is simply unacceptable for faculty to use words in class that can marginalize, hurt and harm the psychological safety of our students. We must and we will do better. (see the link for the full email)

Geoff Garrett may have his heart in the right place, but his actions are misplaced. If you think he is wrong, keep sharing this petition, especially among the USC community!

If there are any students or org leaders at USC Marshall who are interested in reaching out to me or getting the full list of signatures please reach out to me at I can guarantee your anonymity, if needed.

CC Chen
1 year ago