Carol Folt and USC MUST Acknowledge the Fight Against Antiblackness

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Liberation from anti-blackness is a fight that is older than the United States itself. Today, we look back to the political gains of the 1960s as a pivotal success for the championing of human rights in America. From the abolitionist movement, to ending Jim Crow, to California's passage of the CROWN Act banning discrimination based on hairstyle and texture just last year, both anger against and solutions toward dissolving anti-blackness come in waves, but never die out. At the present moment, on the heels of the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police, said wave has reached typhoon levels. 

Why is it that USC has been silent in this past week? No letter from Carol Folt, the Office of the Provost, or our cherished Athletics department. No story on USC News, Annenberg Media, or in the Daily Trojan. South LA is 30% black, Los Angeles is almost 10% black, and as of this fall, USC is a mere 5.3% black. It is well known that over half the black students of USC are generally at a distance from the rest of the black community as dedicated athletes; our beloved football team is over 40% black coached by a staff of 26-- of whom 4 coaches are black leadership. USC does a poor job altogether at fostering a positive and representative environment for black talent and intelligence. So the institution, like almost every other in high education, is inherently complicit in the system of anti-blackness that disenfranchises Americans across the country. 

With the university being beacon of international education and relations, a message from the top of USC would reverberate far past our immediate community. As a gentrifying force in South Los Angeles, we must be wary of our position within this beautiful neighborhood. USC MUST SHOW SUPPORT IN THE FIGHT AGAINST ANTI-BLACKNESS. USC must prove itself to be a university that black students and any others who cherish the American spirit of freedom and democracy can be proud to graduate from-- speaking out is a basic first step. If the school is more concerned about its brand and business from rich conservatives who profit off of the American system remaining exactly as is, let it be known.