Suspend the USF Sigma Nu Fraternity

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Chelsea Engel
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This petition is in place to punish the Sigma Nu fraternity at the University of South Florida. There have been numerous offenses from this chapter that are swept under the rug due to a rich Sigma Nu alumni, Les Muma. It has been reported from multiple woman that members of the Sigma Nu fraternity have sexually assaulted them while intoxicated. They believe that they have been drugged, taken advantage of, and raped. Woman in the community have stayed quiet until one brave woman announced their experiences, and others followed announcing their similar experience from the same person. Not only has Sigma Nu been involved in raping women, but they have had multiple problems that do not replicate our core values. We, as members of the Greek community and student body, do not believe that Sigma Nu should stay on campus as they do not comply with our mission and standards. IFC should take action on such a serious problem faced with fraternities today. Woman should not have to be fearful that they may get taken advantage of at their house on campus. It is sickening, outrageous, and problematic to not take action. I will not stay quiet about such a horrific crime that has taken place within that chapter. I cannot respect the university or IFC if this is not an issue in their eyes. We need to put a stop to this. We can’t stand by and wait for another girl to be raped by the brothers of Sigma Nu before taking action.