Compensate Residents for Mandatory Relocation.

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Last year, each resident at McEown Park signed an agreement to stay at a specific room in a particular building (with precise features). The features and design of this room possibly played a significant role in the building choice of residents.

In May 2018, some residents were made to relocate to College Quarters. This relocation was both stressful and inconvenient for a good number of residents. Some residents missed appointments, work shifts, conferences, meetings, etc. due to this mandatory relocation.

Some residents were moved to smaller rooms and apartments than they had signed up for in their contracts. Residents were made to stay with more flatmates than they had agreed to in their contracts. Residents were made to sleep on smaller beds, live with new flatmates, etc. 

We understand the relocation was unavoidable and the residence office was partly supportive during the relocation. However, the residence office solely made a decision that they would be no form of compensation for all these inconveniences and stress residents were put through.

In the spirit of fairness, we call on the residence office to financially compensate affected residents for all the stress and losses they have suffered during this relocation as this relocation is not in line with agreements residents signed. As compensation for this gross maltreatment, the residence office should refund the rent residents paid for May 2018.