Tuition Reduction at USD for Fall 2020

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2020 was off to a great start at USD until the coronavirus hit. After classes were shifted online for the remainder of Spring with zero tuition reduction, the university proceeded to develop a hybrid/online classroom experience for Fall 2020 that has students going to in-person classes 1/3 the time without (again) ANY tuition reduction. Students are expected to pay upwards of $52,120 this year for tuition fees, and yet the value of our education has been decreased drastically.

The value proposition for most students who chose to attend USD was the personalized education from top-notch professors & the small class sizes that fostered relationships and furthered discussion to be a catalyst for deeper learning and understanding. However, these foundational components of USD are being stripped away from its students through the implementation of the hybrid/online classroom model.

COVID-19 has forced the hand of the university to change the way it delivers classes, yet the administration has neglected to change our tuition fees. Many students & their families are suffering financially because of COVID, having lost jobs, not being able to afford bills & loan payments, and some even losing family members. The recent FAFSA will not reflect these hardships, and students will suffer tremendously. 

We understand that the reason for this proposed model is to lower the density in the classrooms, but we are also aware of what that means for the quality of our education. USD has taught us to be ChangeMakers, who address social issues that matter to us, and the tuition crisis for USD students is an issue of economic equality and justice during these times. We will not stand for complacency by the administration towards our tuition rates remaining unchanged.

We, the students, are calling on the University of San Diego to reduce tuition for Fall 2020, and beyond if these hybrid/online implementations are sustained after the fall semester.