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Pass Amy Osinski

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This term have been repeated to us over and over throughout the course of our education here at the SON. Advocate for our patients when we feel their needs aren't being met. Advocate for ourselves as student nurses to get the most opportunities we can. Advocate for ourselves when we become nurses, making sure that we are heard. I write this petition to advocate for what is right. 

Amy joined our cohort the second semester. She was unable to reschedule an exam due to health issues and consequently was pushed back with us (bad for Amy, lucky for us!) However, as we have gone through our program, other students have been able to reschedule exams when they were sick and take them at a later time. 

This week, Amy found out that she would not be able to go on with the rest of our cohort. With a 72% exam average, Amy did not pass Med-Surg. It was not for a lack of effort or time. Amy studied very diligently, and more importantly, honestly. Despite the obstacles faced this semester, despite the difficulty of the exams and class assignments, Amy stayed true to herself.

Amy is truly one of the hardest working individuals I have had the honor of meeting in this program. I have seen her in the clinical setting, as she very effortlessly brings patients to ease simply by smiling. Not only was she kind to her patients, but she worked tirelessly to meet their every need, advocating and educating them along the way. As evidenced by her clinical instructor's evaluations, Amy has passed all clinical rotations with flying colors and demonstrates the ability to provide adequate, competent, empathetic, and safe care. 

I do not believe that 1% away from passing the exam average is severe enough for Amy to be pushed back again. Amy will be a smart, safe and honest nurse. Even if Amy has to remediate, or write a 20-page paper, Amy deserves the opportunity to move forward and join capstone with us.

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