Call on the University of Regina to Remove ProctorTrack

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Article Published by CBC

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to thank everyone for your continued support. Your voices have made an impact. However, this fight is something we must continuously push for. CBC recently brought out an article that mentions this very petition.

The issue is the admin is flat-out lying to you. They claim there is no keylogger ( a type of software tracking what you type), even though that is one of the fundamentals of stopping cheating, according to ProctorTrack. On every piece of documentation for ProctorTrack mentions the use of this, alongside tracking eye movements, which was also dismissed by the administration.

They are getting nervous - they are making bold lies that are very easily seen to be untrue. We must keep pushing where it hurts. Please continue to talk to your professors. Continue sending emails to department heads, deans, anyone that will listen. While we may not institute change, we may be able to change professor's minds on using it for their finals. 


Good luck everyone, and thank you again.

-Carl/Chuck Sandin

Carl Sandin
1 year ago