UQ Reform: Ensuring staff are held to the same standards as students

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Students are required to follow a strict Code of Conduct and specific strict policies while enrolled at and studying at the University of Queensland (UQ). Why should the staff be excused when they do not follow these strict rules? They have been established to ensure no staff or student is discriminated against or is allowed to break any "legal or regulatory obligations" (University of Queensland 2018).

As the University of Queensland (2018) themselves have stated, "Policies have University-wide application." Why is this being overlooked when those in the wrong are their own staff? UQ needs to rectify this and begin holding their staff accountable for their actions, especially when these actions break UQ policies!

Many students have filed formal complaints against some staff and yet, the university does nothing to fix these problems. 

For any further definitions or information on this topic, please visit the University of Queensland's 'What are policies?' page at: https://governance-risk.uq.edu.au/functions-and-services/governance/policies-and-procedures/what-are-policies-1

Some examples of UQ staff breaking rules and policies include: harassing or bullying students, using their position in a place of authority to exclude or discriminate against certain groups of students, wasting valuable learning time talking about inappropriate topics, teaching students inaccurate or completely wrong information and completely ignoring those who have reached out for help. These are just to name a few.