Make the union take harassment and bullying in election campaigns seriously

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Hi - I'm Omar, and I have been running to be your next VP Education and Democracy. I need your support - during campaign week I have experienced bullying and harassment from other candidates campaign teams. Whilst I have reported this to the Union, I feel they need to take stronger steps to protect the interests of students running in the elections. 

I received inappropriate comments delving deep into my personal life on facebook when talking about my resignation from the law society last year in an attempt to humiliate me.

When I reported this to the Students Union they informed me that they would have a quiet word with the candidate. I do not feel that this sufficiently makes students adhere to rules, and does not look after the wellbeing of students. 

The bylaws prescribe that behaviour seen as bullying can result in consequences such as sanctions and disqualification. A quiet word does not fall into a sanction. 

Please help me to show the Union that they have to take serious action for such behaviour!